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Quiche with zucchini flower

Zucchini is loaded with nutrients that our bodies seek. Zucchini flowers contain most of the same nutrients present in the squash. They are one of the favorites of our house. You can find last year’s relishes with zucchini flower from Zucchini … Continue reading

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Zucchini flower flan – Kabak çiçeği böreği

Zucchini with the flower or blossom attached on it, means it is a truely fresh vegetable. The bright yellow zucchini flowers are directly addressed to the eyes as well as to the palates. The secret of  the taste of this recipe … Continue reading

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Stuffed zucchini flowers (Kabak çiçeği dolması)

Stuffed zucchini flowers are the tastiest examples of Aegean cuisine. They are the top stars and are prepared with great labour. The dolma (meaning stuff or fill in Turkish) technique comes from Central Asia through Middle East to Aegean and Mediterranean area. This is … Continue reading

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