Pomegranate juice ~ and Grenadine

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The taste of the pomegranate is sweet, sometimes sweet and sour but pleasant. When you open it, you see hundreds of nectar sacs covered with thin membranes. Its ruby red juice is full of nutrients, because of its antioxidant character; while its seeds add flavour to food.

Its homeland is in the Himalayas of India and Iran. The Spaniards brought it to the western countries. The pomegranate has a prominent place in Turkish cuisine as Turkey is one of the largest producer.

In Turkey, we have an old custom to break a pomegranate on New Year’s eve. It is believed that when a pomegranate ceremonially broken on the ground at home, the whole year would be blessed with plenty.The Greeks have the same tradition. In addition to it, in Greece it is customary for a house guest to bring a pomegranate decoration gift when one buys a new house. They have the same tradition during New Year’s period, believing that the decoration will bring wealth.

  • 2 pomegranates (approximately 600 gr)
  • citrus juicer

Cut the pomegranates into half. Squeeze the half by using a hand citrus juicer and make circular motions. Repeat with the rest.

Consume immediately.

For grenadine:

Squeeze 4 pomegranates as indicated above.

Put the juice in a saucepan and add 4 T sugar. Bring to a boil. Then simmer for 15minutes. Pour into a sterilized bottle. It can be stored up till three months in the refrigerator.

Use it for alcoholic coctails or desserts.

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