Oven baked Mirabelle plum jam

Among the most delicate plum variety is the yellow gold colour with sweet rich flavoured and scented Mirabelle plums. Bereketia (Μπερεκέτια) is the Greek name of it.

They are harvested mid August when they are fully matured.

In sping the tree has beautiful white flower bushes. The tree needs a lot of sun for full aroma of the fruit. Their pulp is firm and have a yellow to brown colour.

It has a particularly aromatic sweet flavour. They are eaten as raw fruit as well as these plums support cooking well.

The fruit is characterized by high potassium content which is also digestive. It contains vitamin C. The fruit enhances the immune system.

Mirabelle plum tree is one of the most popular fruit of our garden.

With this year’s harvest, I made oven baked method jam which is thicker than the traditional ones that are cooked on stove.

  • 1 kg Mirabelle plums
  • 800 gr sugar
  • 1 t. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 t. Kirsch liqueur (optional)

Get rid of their stalks. Then, they must be halved and pitted. It is very easy for this fruit to pit. Finally quickly wash them.

Put it in a saucepan, add sugar and cook over medium heat by stirring time to time. Add Kirsch and stir well.

Remove any foam by the help of a spoon.

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After the plums cooked and begin to thicken, pour the lemon juice and transfer the hot fruit mix to an oven tray and place it to pre-heated oven for 100 °C about 2.5 hours.

Don’t stir during the oven. The colour changes yellow to orange.

After cooling a bit, put into jars and seal with lids.

This jam can be kept for months.

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