Olive harvest: Extra virgin olive oil

The traditional olive harvest is around the end of October and November both for Turkey and Greece (the Aegean coast) to get new green olive oil.

This year I had olive picking holiday to the olive groves of Volos!

Here is the story:

A huge net layed under the olive oils.

The olives are harvested by hand, using a very long bamboo stick.

The collected olives are put into baskets. The olives do not stay in the baskets more than 2 days.

Each farmer makes an appointment for pressing the olives at a local mill and spend their time there, throughout the production process.

At the mill, the olives are washed, the extra leaves and stems are removed. Then crushed and milled. The pressing process effects the quality of the oil.  The extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality grade when it is cold pressed (under 30°C ).

This year the fat acidity of our oil is 0.20%.

When the oil arrived to home, we simply dipped our bread in this tasty phosphoric green olive oil and seasoned it with thyme, coriander or tarragon.

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