May Rose on Hıdrellez (May 5)

May 5th, 2012 Comments Off on May Rose on Hıdrellez (May 5)

 Hıdrellez, is one of the traditional festival which is celebrated on May 5 and 6 as the first days of the early summer in Turkey. It is the day of Hızır, on which prophets Hızır and Ilyas met with each other on earth. Since then the words Hızır and İlyas have pronounced as Hıdrellez. It is believed that Hızır is a prophet who has attained immortality by drinking the water of life and who has reached God. During spring, he walks among people from time to time and helps to those in difficulty and distributes wealth and health. He is the symbol of spring and the new life. The belief in Hıdrellez is widespread in Turkey and is celebrated with grand ceremonies like the traditional fire of the evening.

On Hıdrellez (5th of May) people write down their wishes on a memo paper and leave this paper at the foot of a rose tree, in the belief that Hıdır will come in the night to grant their wishes come true. On the morning of Hıdrellez (6th of May) people gather in a previously decided house with a courtyard or garden and sing songs. 

Everyone enjoys a delightful spring dishes.

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