Fried sun dried chili (cayenne) peppers

Chili peppers – in Turkey Urfa peppers or isot (Turkish chili pepper) – are dried to preserve them for long periods of time.

Dried chilies are often used to make hot sauce or liquid condiment.

Fried sun dried chili peppers can be a perfect meze.

  • 15 – 20 sun dried chili peppers

Wash and clean dried chili peppers. Cut the stems or stalk carefully.

Heat a non-stick pan and cover the bottom with extra virgin olive oil. Do not put plenty of oil.

Put the dried peppers into the pan and fry them. Be careful not to overdo!

The peppers change color and get crispy and crunchy.

Strain excess oil with a paper towel.

Dressing: (optional)

  • 1 cup strained yogurt
  • 1 cloves  of garlic, mashed
  • extra virgin olive oil

Mix mashed garlic with strained yogurt well.

Serve the fried peppers topped with yogurt dressing.

Sprinkle with one drop fried oil from the pan to top of the dressing for decoration.

Best with pan fried veal or lamb liver (Albanian style- Arnavut ciğeri).

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