Citron jam

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citron jam

citron jam


Citron(????? in Greek and sitron in Turkish) has been cultivated since ancient times. Today being hardly consumed as it is, it seems that in different times it played a big role in life. Thus, from ancient through medieval times, citron was used mainly for medical purposes like to combat against seasickness, pulmonary troubles, intestinal ailments, and other disorders. The outer peel was regarded as an antibiotic.  

Citron is unlike the more common citrus species like lemon or orange. While the most popular fruits are peeled in order to consume their pulpy and juicy segments, the citron’s pulp is very dry. Besides it is not juicy and has a bitter sour taste. Moreover, the main content of a citron has a thick white rind between the pulp and the zest.  


citron fruit


Today, citron is used mostly for its fragrance or zest of its outer peel. Although the origin of citron is Southeast Asia, it is cultivated in Turkey(mostly South Aegean and Mediterranean costs) as well as in Greece. If you catch the opportunity to have citron, don’t miss to try this recipe!  


citron fruit


  • 3 large citrons
  • 3 c. sugar
  • ½ citron juice

Choose 3 large citrons with thick skin. Finely grate-smooth away- the citron zest. Slice the citron zest thinly. Cover with water, macerate for 3 days changing the water. Be careful citron is bitter than orange or grapefruit. After reducing the bitterness, put them into a pan adding water and sugar. Heat slowly; add citron juice and 6 citron pips. When it comes to boil, then cook at least one hour over medium heat. Skim off foam. When it congeals instead of trickle from the spoon, the jam reaches the setting point. Remove the citron pips. Sterilize the jars in dish washer before and ladle the jam into the jars by the help of a wooden spoon. Label the jars.

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