Chestnut truffles filled with chocolate

Last week a friend of mine told me how she adores chestnut truffles. So I decided to experiment these gorgeous truffles and dedicated to her!

I made to types of truffles; one with mousse like creamy chestnut mixture and the other with mixing melted dark chocolate and chestnut puree.

Before serving these rich little truffles, place in confection cups for fun.

  • 1/2 kg chestnut
  • 100 gr a good quality dark chocolate (or couverture dark chocolate)
  • 1 t. vanilla extract powder (or 1 vanilla bean)
  • 2 T  chocolate biscuits (chopped)
  • 1/4 cup cup coarsely chopped walnut
  • 1 T a good quality of Cognac
  • 5 T grated chocolate

Boil the chestnuts in pressure cooker by adding a pinch of salt and sugar to the water.

Peel and mash them.

In a bowl mix chestnut puree, vanilla and chopped biscuits well. Add Cognac and simmer for a few minutes.

Simply roll the chestnut cream into walnut sized balls.

Then drop them into the grated chocolate.

Place them in a serving plate. Leave to cool in refrigerator.

Melt the bittersweet chocolate with bain-marie method, or simply put water in a thick bottom pan. Inside this pan place another pan with the couverture chocolate.

Add chestnut cream to the melted chocolate and mix until you have a smooth mixture.

Roll between your hands to shape into walnut sized balls. Dust with grated chocolate.

Place them in a serving plate.

Leave to cool in the refrigerator.

You can enjoy a similar recipe from here.

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