Keep cooking in winter!

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Making your own olive oil soap with daphne oil

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Recently I explored to make home made soap with the olive oil we produced.

All you need is lots of olive oil and caustic soda. The caustic soda in Greek ???????? ???? meaning burning soda, also known as lye or sodium hydroxide is an inorganic compound.

It is used in many industries like in manufacturing of soap and detergents. The caustic soda is dangerous to work with, if it contacts with skin, may cause burns.

It is recommended to use gloves, eye protection and a mask. We produced our soap at the garage/store to avoid any risk.

Generally vegetable oils and animal fats are saponified. But for soap making, certainly olive oil is preferred.

Measure the caustic soda and water amount. Carefully add caustic soda to the water and stir until the water is clear.

When the caustic is mixed with water it will heat up and fume for a while. It is not allowed to clump on the bottom, because it can heat up and may cause explosion.

Stirring the mixture, the fume, the caustic soda packing and the curious Hectoras!

Melt the measured olive oil and combine to the mixture. Stir continuously until you are sure that they are submerged fully.

When the soap become thick, add your preferred fragrance oil. We added daphne oil. Hand stir it.

Then, pour the mixture into a plastic soap mold. Tamp the mold to release any air bubbles.

Although the caustic is dangerous to work, after it reacts with olive oil – which is called saponification – no caustic will remain in the home made soap.

Allow the soap to stay in the mold for 2 days.

Unmold and cut to shape your soap. Besides the classic rectangular mold, I also tried out single silicone mold, which finally was unpractical!

We made our soap opera all together….

Spring 2014

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Spring in IstanbulSpring in Athens

Happy New Year

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I have always delighted to have the privilege to choose what I like from two cultures!

More foods and culinary traditions from Turkey and Greece for the New Year…

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