Boza (Turkish fermented beverage)

Who remembers the nostalgic cries of boza vendors in winter? Yes it is one of the disappearing treasures of Turkey. The bozavendors were calling “bouzaa” by drawing out the last syllable with their deep voices and carring the boza at their large wooden yoke balanced on their shoulders. The Turkish invention boza beverage is one of our winter favorites for centuries. It is made of slightly fermented wheat and contains low level of alcohol(1%). This healthy and nourishing drink contains vitamin A and B. The rarely found lactic acid is formed during fermentation, which facilitates digestion.

The word boza derives from its opaque colour(boz).

  • 1/2 kg wheat grains
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup ready boza or 10 gr yeast cube
  • Rince the wheat in cold water three or four times. Soak in water overnight.

    Next day put the soaked wheat in a pressure cooker. Add water until covers the wheat and boil about 40 minutes until the grains are very softened.

    Put them into a food processor and mush them.


    By the help of a cheesecloth sieve them into a big glass bowl, each time by adding water. You should add the water gradually up to 1 cup. The thickness or consistency of the boza will be creamy. Add sugar gradually by stirring with a wooden scoop. Put the yeast cube into a muslin sachet and place it in the glass bowl. After two days when the yeast dissolves, remove the sachet from the bowl. Cover top, time to time stir with a wooden scoop. Do not stir with a metal spoon or scoop as it reacts. Let stay 2 days in a warm place to complete the fermentation. The boza must have a sweet to sour taste.


    When you see the bubbles on the surface, put the glass bowl in the refrigerator. If you don’t keep the boza in a cool place after completing the fermentation cycle, it spoils.

    for top:

  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • roasted yellow chick peas
  • Pour it into a water glass and sprinkle with cinnamon and ginger.  Serve with roasted yellow chick peas.
    Always serve cold and consume it within 4 days.

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    1. Great post. Will try some of these things out

    2. Thank you for this recipe! When you say wheat grains, could one use Bulgar wheat?

    3. Aegeaneating says:

      Yes you can use Bulgur instead of wheat grains.

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