Bergamot orange jam

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The bergamot orange fruit is between bitter orange, mandarin and a bit pear lemon(lime) with its distinctive flavour.

The word bergamot is said to be derived from Turkish. Commonly oil is extracted from its rind for the fragrance industry. Most commonly used in Earl Grey(the tea is devised by an earl, called Charles Grey) tea which is a blend of black tea and bergamot oil.

It can be found in the market places from mid February through March.

  • 4 bergamot oranges
  • 1/4 cup bergamot orange juice
  • 2 cups of water
  • 750 gr sugar

Wash bergamot oranges and smooth away the zest. Cut one bergamot orange in half and squeeze it to get the juice. If possible, tie 10 the pips up in a fine muslin (later to remove them easily) and set aside. Cut the bergamot orange halve rinds into slices. Roll each slice and sew from both edges with a sewing needle, string them all~make a necklace from them. In a large stockpot boil the rolled bergamot oranges with enough water for at least an hour to macerate. Remove them from the stockpot.

Put water and sugar into a pan and bring to a boil. When the syrup is dense enough, add the bergamot juice and the seeds. Then put the bergamot oranges into the pan. Heat slowly by strring occasionally and let boil all together. Cook at least 40 minutes over medium heat. Skim off foam, when necessary.

When it congeals instead of trickle from the spoon, the jam reaches the setting point. Continue cooking until it reaches the jelling point. Remove the muslin with pips that you stringed before.

Sterilize the jars in dish washer before and ladle the jam into the jars by the help of a wooden spoon. Label the jars.

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