Hello this is Gül, welcome to my blog,

My blog is about Aegean culinary cultures and food traditions of the region.

Its starting point is not to forget this area’s culinary and eating habits and to practice the culinary heritage of the unique Aegean region.

Most of my recipes are the symbols of healthy Aegean eating based on Mediterranean diet, but at the same time with full of flavour.

My intention is to use organic, local and natural ingredients. Olive oil is the basic cooking oil, no margarine or heavy creams are used in the recipes.

Rich agricultural products, local seasonal fruits/vegetables and various herbs make the Aegean region’s dishes both healthy and delectable.

The fantastic starters (meze), vegetable delicacies cooked in olive oil, fish and sea food variations, meat like lamb or goat are some of the Aegean dish features.

The recipes are almost similar time to time, at the countries ( Turkey & Greece) bordering the Aegean coast and in my opinion this makes a culinary bridge between the two countries.

All writings and images on this site belongs to me.

I hope my blog will interest you…

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  1. Medusa says:

    Hello Gül, I have just come across your blog in search for something else and am so happy I did because I love both Greek and Turkish cuisines and cultures. My specific interest is in a sourdough starter from Turkey. Can you please let me know how I can go about this? I can exchange as well if needed. Thanks in advance and congratulations on your blog.

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